Engaging the audience on social media networks is a good way to build your community of fans. Now, read on this article to learn about some of the best social media engage tactics to boost shares and conversions.

Top 4 Social Media Engagement Tactics To Boost Shares And Conversions:

  1. Tag The People In The Social Messages You Write

The human nature is to want to be recognized for something amazing. Therefore, you can tag the people you want to be recognized in your messages on social media. Here are some ways for you to engage friends, followers and influencers with your accounts:

  • Create a quote graphic by using useful tools such as Canva or Photoshop. Tag the people who you want to recognize or the company they work for. You can find their Twitter accounts with ease by searching their name or their business on Facebook.
  • Add folk’s contents when publishing your own blog posts, videos and podcast episodes.
  • Have guest authors who write for your blog and tag them in the social messages to promote their blog posts.
  • Consistently ask your audience for comments and feedbacks.

  1. Share Others’ Valuable Contents With Your Audience

A good way for you to share valuable contents in your brand with your followers is through social media. There are various ways to curate valuable content, and one of them has called social media mix. Social media content curation offers a good chance to tag the authors of the information you are sharing. This helps authors recognize that the content is worthy enough to share with your audience while giving them the chance to know more engaging contents.

  1. Find The Best Times To Schedule The Social Messages

When it comes to social media engagement tactics to boost shares and conversions, you should find the best times to schedule your social media messages. For every social media network, there are some certain times of the day when the users work most actively. By scheduling your social messages to post at these best times, you will be able to engage more followers.

  1. Increase Your Posts Frequency To Increase Your Organic Growth

Sharing more frequently helps you engage more of the followers you have worked so hard to have. According to a research, when Post Planner increased the posting frequency by 30%, they increased their Facebook organic reach by 67%.

Addition to this, you should share your valuable content of your brand more than once in order to fill up the social media posting schedule. You can mix up the variety of messages you write when sharing a piece of content. Here are some ways that you can apply:

  • Use headlines working best for your engaging content such as list, how to and question.
  • Ask some questions to pique the curiosity of your audience.
  • Post something controversial that may make your readers want to confirm or disprove
  • Pair a message with a funny GIF or meme.

After reading this article, hope that you know social media engagement tactics to boost shares and conversions. If you know other ideas about this topic, remember to share with other readers below.