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Protecting your brand’s ads on Facebook — because there IS such a thing as bad publicity

Concerned about where your Facebook ads are appearing? Columnist Laura Collins discusses the issues surrounding brand safety on Facebook, along with some tips for organizations looking to protect themselves.

Caring about how you’re perceived by others is not a new concept. Even cavemen probably had moments of insecurity, pondering whether everyone thought their new animal skins looked good. And as long as brands have been around, there’s been a whole industry built around portraying the right manicured image to the world.

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Top 4 Social Media Engagement Tactics To Boost Shares And Conversions

Engaging the audience on social media networks is a good way to build your community of fans. Now, read on this article to learn about some of the best social media engage tactics to boost shares and conversions.

Top 4 Social Media Engagement Tactics To Boost Shares And Conversions:

  1. Tag The People In The Social Messages You Write

The human nature is to want to be recognized for something amazing. Therefore, you can tag the people you want to be recognized in your messages on social media. Here are some ways for you to engage friends, followers and influencers with your accounts:

  • Create a quote graphic by using useful tools such as Canva or Photoshop. Tag the people who you want to recognize or the company they work for. You can find their Twitter accounts with ease by searching their name or their business on Facebook.
  • Add folk’s contents when publishing your own blog posts, videos and podcast episodes.
  • Have guest authors who write for your blog and tag them in the social messages to promote their blog posts.
  • Consistently ask your audience for comments and feedbacks.

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Facebook plans to start testing Instant Article subscriptions as soon as October

Last night, Facebook’s Campbell Brown confirmed the company’s plan to start testing paywalls for Instant Article publishers as soon as October.

Digital Marketing One – Facebook’s Instant Articles format may not be the revenue rainmaker that publishers had hoped for, but the company is readying another method for media companies to make money.

As soon as October, Facebook plans to start testing a way for publishers to put their Instant Articles behind a metered paywall and sell subscriptions through the social network, the head of Facebook’s news partnerships team, Campbell Brown, said at an event in New York on Tuesday, according to The Street. Brown’s statement confirms a report from Digiday published last week that Facebook plans to start testing a subscription product by the end of this year.

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How Snapchat’s Snap Publisher ad creation tool works

Snapchat’s Snap Publisher offers 13 ad templates, converts horizontal videos to vertical Snap Ads and uses computer vision to automatically edit videos.

Snapchat has rolled out a tool called Snap Publisher that the company claims brands can use to create vertical video Snap Ads in under two minutes.

But how easy to use is Snapchat’s browser-based tool? And how powerful?

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Facebook tests ads in Marketplace, its Craigslist-like shopping section

In a US-only test, Facebook will slot some brands’ dynamic product ads among people’s item listings in Marketplace.

Newspapers reaped a lot of revenue from their classified sections. Then Craigslist killed that business. Then Facebook cloned Craigslist. Now the company is ready to see if it can reap some revenue from its classified section.

Facebook will start testing ads within the Craigslist-like Marketplace section it introduced last year, the company announced on Friday.

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Featured snippets: Optimization tips & how to ID candidate snippets

Contributor Brian Ussery breaks down featured snippets, explaining his observations and offering tips for pursuing the coveted ‘position zero.’

Featured snippets are quickly becoming the only search results for many queries.

If a user goes to and types [what is the tallest tree], Google returns a featured snippet, followed by thousands of organic search results. However, when a user conducts the same query via Google voice search, Google responds with an audible version of the text in the featured snippet but (in many cases) no “blue links.”

Before diving too deeply into featured snippets, let’s back up a minute…

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8 major Google ranking signals in 2017

What’s a top Google position made of? Here are the 8 ingredients that make all the difference.

It’s no secret that Google’s ranking algorithm is made up of over 200 components, or “signals.” And while the list is impressive, it can get daunting if you’re a just regular human with 24 hours in a day.

Luckily, SEO isn’t about getting every tiny thing right; it’s about getting your priorities right. Below, we’ve put up a list of top eight rankings factors, based on the industry studies by SearchMetrics, Backlinko and SEO PowerSuite. Read on to find what they are, and how to optimize your site for each.

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Forbes ranks the top 50 most influential CMOs & finds 40% lead technology companies

Forty percent of the marketing leaders who rank on Forbes’ 2017 list of the top 50 most influential CMOs belong to technology companies.

With telecommunications and internet organizations making up part of the tech sector per Forbes report, seven of the top ten CMOs were in tech, including the marketing leaders from HP Inc., Apple, GE, Twitter, Samsung Electronics America, Airbnb and Cisco.

The No. 1 most influential CMO was Keith Weed of Unilever. Also in the top ten were Ford Motor Company CMO Musa Tariq and Mastercard CMO Raja Rajamannar.

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Why Data-Based Marketers Need the Scientific Method

Confirmation bias is a scourge of clean data, and everyone is susceptible to it. Marketers, like anyone else, have to work through their biases. Also, marketers have a ton of data on their hands. Data — as wonderful as it has been for increasing personalization and relevance — is incredibly easy to game.

“The more data we have, the more likely it is to find a correlation with what you want to see,” Michael Aagaard, senior conversion optimizer at Unbounce, said during the closing keynote at Unbounce’s Call to Action (CTA) conference in Vancouver. “If you torture the data long enough, it will confess anything.”

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